In 2001, a small group of concerned professionals and community members came together and created the Hmong Resource Fair. The purpose and mission of this organization is to bring the community and its businesses to work together, despite any language barriers.  Hmong Resource fair is now a centralized clearinghouse for the Hmong community in Minnesota to have ready and available access to the services of their community.

Hmong Resource Fair (HRF) works to provide resources and opportunities to the Hmong community, professional community, both public and private organizations, its business partners and stakeholders.  Through is annual network and connection of nearly 200 business partners and supporters, the Hmong Resource Fair reaches thousands of Hmong in Minnesota and throughout the nation.  To achieve its mission, Hmong Resource Fair conducts surveys from the community and gathers those necessary resources to provide to the community. 

Hmong Education & Resources Today (HE&RT) is our fiscal agent, a non-profit organization devoted to assisting the community we serve and the audience we reach out to.  It is our primary location where we utilize and share the same resources.  HE&RT is a non-profit and non-partisan organization.

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National Kidney Foundation Health Screening 2017


Books and Prizes Giveaway


YMCA booth 2017


Second Harvest Produce Giveaway